Functional Requirements

Functional Requirements of a Watershed-wide Storm Water Management Program

Functional Requirements


Functional Requirements of a Watershed-wide Storm Water Management Program

Critical Storm Water Issues Facing Summit County

The Summit County Engineer's Office has determined that a regional and watershed-wide coordination effort is needed to address the following critical storm water issues facing Summit County:

  • Resolving existing intercommunity flooding and erosion problems
  • Managing storm water impacts of future development
  • Complying with Ohio EPA Phase II Storm Water Permits
  • Funding necessary storm water management activities


    Functional Requirements of an Effective Program

    Administration, Regulation, and Enforcement
  • Interagency/intercommunity coordination
  • Development plan reviews
  • Erosion and sediment control plan reviews
  • Construction site inspections/acceptance surveys
  • Floodplain management
  • Illicit discharge surveillance and enforcement
  • Private stream, detention basin, and storm drain inspection and enforcement
  • Regulatory compliance reporting

    Data Collection and Management

  • Base mapping/property records
  • Infrastructure maps/data
  • Rain and flow monitoring/evaluation
  • Stream sampling and habitat surveys

    Operation and Maintenance

  • Streams, culverts, and bridges
  • Streambanks and channels
  • Storm sewers, inlets, and catch basins
  • Detention and infiltration facilities
  • Roadside ditches and swales
  • Street cleaning

    Planning, Design, and Construction

  • Hydrologic/hydraulic studies
  • Floodplain map revisions
  • Water quality and habitat studies
  • Master planning and capital improvement planning
  • Facilities design and construction management

    Public Education and Involvement

  • Publish/distribute material (e.g., fliers, brochures, newsletters)
  • Coordinate with/provide information to mass media (TV, radio, newspapers)
  • Sponsor/support activities (e.g., stream cleanups, inlet stenciling)
  • Establish/support citizen groups (e.g., advisory committees, watershed councils)
  • Speakers bureau/presentations
  • School-based educational curricula/outreach
  • Promotional campaigns (e.g., "clean business" recognition)


  • Billing
  • Grant and loan solicitation
  • Cooperative agreements
  • Budgeting/accounting