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Rothrock Road Status Update


Rothrock Road Retail Development

Status Update

April 5, 2011

The Summit County Engineer’s office has received several recent inquiries regarding the status of the Summit County Engineer’s review of the proposed Levey & Company development (Walmart and Sam’s Club retail complex) along Rothrock Road in Copley Township.  The County Engineer is performing review of traffic and stormwater issues on behalf of Copley Township, who has zoning approval authority for this development. This status update will summarize the review activity of the County Engineer.  This update is not to be construed a report of all review activity that is occurring; only project review activity that is being processed by the Summit County Engineer.

Traffic Management

On December 13, 2010, the Summit County Engineer’s office issued a fifteen (15) page list of questions, comments, concerns and requirements with an additional 80 pages of background information relative to our review of the proposed Traffic Impact Study that was prepared by the URS Corporation on behalf of Levey & Company.  On February 16, 2011, URS Corp. submitted a 10 page summary, on behalf of the developer, to the Summit County Engineer listing their intended response to each of the comments issued by the SCE.  The February letter was provided to the City of Fairlawn for their review and to the Summit County Engineer’s traffic engineering consultant (The Mannik & Smith Group Inc.) for review.  The majority of the URS comments were brief statements indicating how they intended to address the December comments.  A copy of the February letter is posted on the Summit County Engineer website.

The County has reviewed the indicated changes and we have provided responses to URS including additional comments from the City of Fairlawn, our consultant and from a third traffic engineering firm hired on behalf of West Market Plaza Limited Partnership and Montrose Retail Associates Limited Partnership, Herbert Newman, Principal.  This March 23, 2011 letter to URS is also posted on the Summit County Engineer website.

Memorandum of Understanding

One of the requirements of the December 13, 2010 comment letter to URS involves the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The purpose of the MOU document will be to explicitly detail the traffic improvements that the developer will be required to design and construct, and document the commitments made between the developer and the various local governmental agencies.  It is anticipated that the parties to this MOU will be the developer, the Summit County Engineer, the Summit County Executive, the City of Fairlawn and the Copley Township Trustees.  The MOU will identify the individual improvements and who will be responsible for the oversight of each of the various phases including preliminary engineering, detail construction drawings, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation, construction, construction management, material testing, construction inspection, and funding.  To date both the developer and the Summit County Engineer have independently developed a list of bullet points identifying some of the key features to be included in the final MOU.  Over the next weeks these points will be further developed and compiled into a single document that will become a legal and binding agreement to be signed by all parties.

Storm Water Management

The Summit County Engineer’s office was informed via an e-mail dated March 11, 2011 that the Ohio EPA had issued a Draft 401 Certification letter for the Rothrock Road Development (Ohio EPA ID# 103675). 

The Summit County Engineer’s office has received a preliminary stormwater report and calculations prepared by the firm of Woolpert, Inc. on behalf of Levey & Companies.  The Summit County Engineer has responded with review comments based on those documents and we are awaiting revisions to both the report and calculations along with copies of review comments from Summit County Soil & Water Conservation District.  Detailed plans for stormwater management will be reviewed by the County Engineer when they are made available by the developer.

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