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Summit County Engineer receives $1.95 million Public Lands Highway Discretionary Grant


Akron, Ohio – Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S., Summit County Engineer, announced today that he will be making significant safety and accessibility improvements to Summit County roadways within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) as the result of the approval of his grant application for $1,947,393.00 of Public Lands Highway Discretionary (PLHD) funds. 

Details of specific projects must be worked out with the Ohio Department of Transportation, who is responsible for providing oversight of the grant, as well as Cuyahoga Valley National Park officials.  Use of the funds is specifically targeted for improvement to County roadways within the CVNP. Engineer Brubaker credited the hard work of Congresspersons Betty Sutton and Tim Ryan and the County Engineer's grant writing staff for securing this grant.

The improvements to the roadways will include:

  • performing speed and safety studies throughout the CVNP,
  • addressing environmental and erosion concerns,
  • upgrading gravel shoulders to asphalt shoulders,
  • repairing and resurfacing roadways,
  • widening shoulders for bicycle travel, and
  • constructing trail heads, scenic overlooks and park and ride facilities.

Different than roads in other National Parks, the roads within the CVNP are not owned by the park, leaving responsibility for their maintenance and improvement with local government. The County roads within the CVNP are essentially as they were before the park was created in 1974 and they are in need of millions of dollars in improvements to bring them up to the standards to accommodate the millions of people who now use them for access and recreation throughout the park. Engineer Brubaker estimates that there are $50 million of local road improvements needed within the CVNP.

“This grant will give us a great start at tackling these needs,” Brubaker added.

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