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2011 Operating Budget


The Summit County Engineer’s office submitted the 2011 budget proposal for the review of County Council and the Executive on November 22, 2010.  The budget document is designed to detail the steps this office has undertaken to create the budget, the reasoning behind our budget requests and to explain various program and budget changes instituted by this office. 

First and foremost, this year our office instituted zero based budgeting.  This budget has been completely rebuilt starting directly from the people who perform the public services we provide.

Each section leader was asked to detail their annual expenditures and revenue.  Expenditures were then reviewed by the division leaders and department head before being submitted to the budget division for inclusion in the final budget worksheets for the approval of the Engineer.  Instead of simply increasing the previous year’s budget by a certain percent, we analyzed all expenditures to ensure the efficiency and cost effectiveness of this office. 

In addition, each section was asked to provide performance measures for their section to determine that our goals were being met on a quantitative basis.  This budget begins the effort to maintain an historical record of performance data to objectively show Council and the voters how we are doing.

This budget is a major step toward improving financial accountability in the Engineer’s office by actively evaluating all expenditures and setting results expectations for the office.

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