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MEDIA ADVISORY: Immediate Closure of Wright Road Bridge over Pigeon Creek


Copley Township, OH – Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, PE, PS would like to alert residents and motorists of the immediate closure of the Wright Road Bridge over Pigeon Creek, located between Jacoby Road and Collier Road, in Copley Township. County inspectors have been evaluating the load limited bridge often to measure deterioration ahead of the planned bridge replacement project to take place in 2020. Rapid deterioration due to repeated use of the bridge by large trucks have necessitated the complete closure of the bridge until it can be replaced. The County would like to thank Bertolini Trucking Company for their cooperation in routing their large trucks around the bridge and to remind other trucking companies to please abide by load limits on bridges and highways.

The County has received grant funding from the County Engineer’s Association Local Bridge Program for the bridge replacement that was originally slated for 2022. Due to the deterioration of the bridge, the County asked for the funding to be moved up to 2020 and that request was approved. Design plans are complete, and the right-of-way is cleared for the project. Currently the project plans are at the Ohio Department of Transportation awaiting approval to move ahead with bidding the project. The County has asked ODOT to expedite the approval. The anticipated construction start date is April/May of 2020.

The detour route will involve Collier Road, State Route 162, and Jacoby Road.


PUBLIC NOTICE: Wright Road Bridge Replacement


The Summit County Engineer plans to replace the structurally deficient Wright Road Bridge over Pigeon Creek. The existing bridge is located on Wright Road between Penelope Drive and Collier Road in Copley Township.

About 0.119 acre of permanent right-of-way will be required from four (4) parcels. Additionally, 0.030 acre of temporary right-of-way will be required from four (4) parcels throughout the project area. Right-of-Way acquisition will begin in spring 2019 and construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2020. Construction will last approximately 130 days. Project construction cost is currently estimated at $697,000.

Access to all residences, businesses, and properties within the construction limits will be maintained at all times during construction of the project. However, during construction, the existing bridge will be removed and replaced, and out of service with a proposed detour. The detour will be Wright Road, to Collier Road, to Copley Road, to Jacoby Road and vice versa with abundant signs along the detour route labeled WRIGHT ROAD DETOUR to properly guide travelers. Detailed construction and lane restriction information will be posted along Wright Road, Penelope Drive, and Collier Road prior to the start of the project construction.

The environmental review, consultation, and other actions required by applicable Federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been, carried-out by ODOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated December 11, 2015, and executed by FHWA and ODOT.




MEDIA ADVISORY: Home Avenue Bridge Closure


Akron, OH – Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, PE, PS would like to alert residents and motorists of an upcoming one hundred and eighty (180) day closure of the Home Avenue Bridge over the Little Cuyahoga River starting Monday, January 14, 2019. The bridge is located just east of Arlington Road in the City of Akron. The closure is necessary for complete bridge replacement and utility improvement project.

Kenmore Construction is the contractor on the $2.5 million project. Summit County has received a federal grant for 80% of the bridge replacement costs.

The detour route will be posted. The detour route will involve Fouse Avenue, Dan Street, North Street. All work is subject to inclement weather.


Community Alert: Surface Water Management District Activity in Western Summit County


Bath Township, OH- The Summit County Engineer has hired the engineering consulting firm of Sustainable Streams, LLC to perform a condition survey of the streams and ditches draining into the Yellow Creek watershed. The majority of this drainage network is within Bath Township, with some segments extending into adjacent jurisdictions such as Copley Township, Sharon Township, Granger Township, Richfield Township, the Village of Richfield, the City of Fairlawn, the City of Cuyahoga Falls, and the City of Akron. This field evaluation is an essential first step of our study to plan drainage improvements to be undertaken by the Surface Water Management District.

These streams are located outside the roadways, some within easements or on township land, and some without easement on private property. Accordingly, it will be necessary for Sustainable Streams staff to enter private properties in order to observe the current field conditions of these streams.

Sustainable Streams engineers will carry personal identification, including driver’s licenses and business cards, and a copy of a letter on Summit County Engineer official letterhead explaining the project. The condition survey is scheduled to start approximately December 3, 2018 and will likely be completed by the end of December, with potential follow up site visits in January through April of 2019.

If you have project concerns or would like additional information on the details of this project, please contact David Koontz, PE, SI (330-643-8537).




PUBLIC NOTICE: Proposed State Route 18 Walkway Project


Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker and Bath Township propose to install a new pedestrian walkway/bicycle path along the northern side of SR 18 (Medina Road) in the highly commercial Montrose area in Bath Township.  The paved path will be constructed between the Holiday Inn east of I-77 northbound entrance ramp to the Taco Bell property at the Cleveland-Massillon Road intersection.  The proposed path will connect to existing sidewalks on the north and south sides of SR 18 (West Market Street) east of the Cleveland-Massillon Road intersection.  Construction is expected to be performed within existing right-of-way. The project is expected to occur in begin in Summer 2019.


ADVISORY: Wright Road Bridge closure and traffic pattern change


Copley Township, Ohio– Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S., Summit County Engineer, would like to alert residents and motorists about an upcoming closure of the Wright Road Bridge, just west of Collier Road in Copley Township. The bridge will be closed from 8:00am to 4:00pm on Friday, August 25th to convert the bridge into a one-lane facility. Detour routes will be posted.

When the bridge reopens, drivers should use caution when approaching the one-lane bridge. The vehicle closest to the bridge has the right of way. The County will also be installing signage and electronic message boards to inform motorists how to navigate the bridge.

The detour route will go from Collier Road to State Route 162 to Jacoby Road. All work is subject to inclement weather. 



Speed Limit Changes in Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Akron, Ohio–Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker would like to alert motorists that effective April 4, 2017, 35 mph is the prima fascia speed limit for all County highways within Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The speed of vehicles has long been a safety issue within the park where pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists comingle with motor vehicles along curvy and hilly county highways. The change in speed limits was authorized by House Bill 455 and enhances safety for the 2.5 million annual visitors to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The previous prima fascia speed limit was 55 mph in the unincorporated portions of the National Park.

The last thing park visitors wish to encounter while enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of a national park are vehicles speeding along at 55 mph or greater past the many hikers, bikers, and horseback riders using the trails throughout the park. “While drivers, riders and pedestrians will still need to use common care and caution within the park, at least we will now be able to post the county’s park roads at a more reasonable speed limit,” Mr. Brubaker said.

While many National Parks have speed limits established by the park commissioner, the roadways within Cuyahoga Valley National Park are the responsibility of the State, County, Townships, and Cities and therefore their speed limits are governed by the Ohio Revised Code. This revision to the Ohio Revised Code will only affect County Highways since the Township Highways within the Park are already posted at 35 mph or less and the prima fascia speed limit within municipalities is already 35 mph.

Mr. Brubaker stated that this speed limit change will also have positive economic and environmental impacts. Setting a standard speed limit will minimize the need for costly speed reduction studies. In addition, the Federal Highway Administration requires different designs for high speed roads when utilizing federal funds to make highway improvements. The 35 mph speed limit will greatly reduce the need for expensive and environmentally damaging roadway alignment modifications. The dollars that would otherwise be used flattening the hills and smoothing the curves can be used to improve the safety of the highway facilities for all park users by providing paved shoulders for pedestrians, cyclists, and hikers to avoid vehicular traffic.

In 2015 it was reported that the tourists visiting Cuyahoga Valley National Park created a $144 million dollar benefit to the area. A safer speed limit will make the National Park a more enjoyable tourist destination and create a positive economic impact in Northeast Ohio. The Ohio General Assembly is commended for making this change a reality.

Affected roadways:

Valley View Roadfrom the Cuyahoga County line to Chaffee Road

Chaffee Roadfrom SR 82 to Valley View Road

Highland Roadfrom Cuyahoga County line to Boyden Road

Brandywine Roadfrom Highland Road to Boston Heights corporate line

Riverview Roadfrom Cuyahoga County line to Peninsula corporate line

Boston Mills Roadfrom Black Road to Riverview Road

Boston Mills Roadfrom Richfield corporate line to Black Road

Columbia Roadfrom Black Road to Riverview Road

Black Road from SR 303 to Columbia Road

Brush Roadfrom Richfield corporate line to Black Road

Townsend Roadfrom Cuyahoga County line to Richfield corporate line

Wheatley Roadfrom Revere Road to Everett Connector

Revere Roadfrom Everett Road to Wheatley Road

Everett Roadfrom Revere Road to Everett Connector

Everett Connectorfrom Everett Road to Wheatley Road

Everett Roadfrom Everett Connector to Riverview Road

Riverview Roadfrom Cuyahoga Falls corporate line to Peninsula Village corporate line

Akron-Peninsula Roadfrom Cuyahoga Falls corporate line to Peninsula Village corporate line

Northampton Roadfrom Akron-Peninsula Road to Cuyahoga Falls corporate line

Quick Road from Akron-Peninsula Road to Cuyahoga Falls corporate line

Kendall Park/Truxell Roadfrom Akron-Peninsula Road to Akron-Cleveland Road

Ira Roadfrom Kemery Road to Cuyahoga Falls corporate line

Bath Roadfrom Shade Road to Cuyahoga Falls corporate line

Yellow Creek Roadfrom S. Revere Road to Cuyahoga Falls corporate line

Sand Run Roadfrom Akron corporate line to Yellow Creek Road