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MEDIA ADVISORY: Home Avenue Bridge Closure


Akron, OH – Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, PE, PS would like to alert residents and motorists of an upcoming one hundred and eighty (180) day closure of the Home Avenue Bridge over the Little Cuyahoga River starting Monday, January 14, 2019. The bridge is located just east of Arlington Road in the City of Akron. The closure is necessary for complete bridge replacement and utility improvement project.

Kenmore Construction is the contractor on the $2.5 million project. Summit County has received a federal grant for 80% of the bridge replacement costs.

The detour route will be posted. The detour route will involve Fouse Avenue, Dan Street, North Street. All work is subject to inclement weather.


Community Alert: Surface Water Management District Activity in Western Summit County


Bath Township, OH- The Summit County Engineer has hired the engineering consulting firm of Sustainable Streams, LLC to perform a condition survey of the streams and ditches draining into the Yellow Creek watershed. The majority of this drainage network is within Bath Township, with some segments extending into adjacent jurisdictions such as Copley Township, Sharon Township, Granger Township, Richfield Township, the Village of Richfield, the City of Fairlawn, the City of Cuyahoga Falls, and the City of Akron. This field evaluation is an essential first step of our study to plan drainage improvements to be undertaken by the Surface Water Management District.

These streams are located outside the roadways, some within easements or on township land, and some without easement on private property. Accordingly, it will be necessary for Sustainable Streams staff to enter private properties in order to observe the current field conditions of these streams.

Sustainable Streams engineers will carry personal identification, including driver’s licenses and business cards, and a copy of a letter on Summit County Engineer official letterhead explaining the project. The condition survey is scheduled to start approximately December 3, 2018 and will likely be completed by the end of December, with potential follow up site visits in January through April of 2019.

If you have project concerns or would like additional information on the details of this project, please contact David Koontz, PE, SI (330-643-8537).




Summit County Community Partnership Program



With the adoption of Resolution 2017-542, County Council approved an additional annual license tax in the amount of five dollars. Commencing in calendar year 2019, an amount of not less than $250,000 of the proceeds of the additional annual license tax shall be dedicated to fund projects that promote economic development.  Eligible projects must be road and/or bridge construction or improvement projects that create additional jobs or retain existing jobs in Summit County; are nominated by a city, village or township within Summit County; and meet the purposes authorized by Section 4504.24(A)(2) of the Ohio Revised Code.  Priority will be given to projects that are receiving other forms of state or federal funding, including, but not limited to Transportation Improvement District funding, Local Transportation Improvement Program funding, State Capital Improvement Program funding, Ohio Public Works funding or other Ohio Department of Transportation funding.  Resolution 2017-542 authorized the County Executive and the County Engineer to develop the program policy and procedures contained herein.


Project applications shall be submitted to the County Engineer.  Applications will be reviewed and scored for inclusion in the County’s upcoming Capital Budget.  Grants are awarded for infrastructure construction costs on roadways designated on the current map of county purpose highways (ORC 4504.03).  All requests are subject to approval by County Council and the Executive.  All funds will be distributed on a reimbursement basis and can only be used for local expenses related to the approved project in proportion to the original budget submitted in the application.

Project awards through this program will be up to a maximum of $250,000 per project application.


Applications are due in the Office of the County Engineer prior to June 1 of each year for funding in the following calendar year. All applications will be reviewed by representatives of the Engineer’s office and the Executive’s office.

Projects will be reviewed using the following criteria and other relevant criteria as determined by the review committee:

  • Promotes immediate job creation at new or existing commercial enterprises
  • Provides new or improved access for existing commercial enterprises that supports job retention
  • Resolves an existing transportation problem impacting economic activity
  • Percentage of secured project funds
    •  75% or more secured from State and/or Federal sources and confirmation is provided
    •  At least 50% secured from State and/or Federal sources and confirmation is provided
    •  At least 25% secured from State and/or Federal sources and confirmation is provided
    •  Less than 25% secured from State and/or Federal sources or confirmation cannot be provided

Applicants will be notified of proposed funding decisions prior to September 30 of each year.

Final approved projects will be submitted to County Council for appropriation and/or inclusion in the subsequent Capital Improvement Plan.

Funds will be encumbered upon approval by County Council and the Executive in the name of the city, village or township applying for funding.

Reimbursement requests for the County’s proportional share of project costs up to the amount encumbered for the original grant will be processed by the County Engineer pending receipt of the following documentation.

  • A reimbursement request delineating funding sources and proportional responsibilities.
  • Proof of payment by the city, village or township for project related expenses.
  • Contractor invoices or similar documentation supporting the local expenditure.

Payment will be processed to the local jurisdiction per current county procedures up to the amount encumbered for the project.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (0626 Community Partnership Program Application.doc)Community Partnership Grant Application 34 Kb
Download this file (Copy of Community Partnership Program Reimbursement Request form.xls)Reimbursement Request Form  39 Kb

Proposed Redwood Living Traffic Impact Assessment


Click below to view the Traffic Impact Assessment submitted to the Summit County Engineer's office for the proposed Redwood Living development. 

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Redwood Ridgewood Report 111918.pdf)Redwood Living Traffic Impact Assessment 3591 Kb
Download this file (Ridgewood Redwood TIA January 2019.pdf)Updated Redwood Living Traffic Impact Assessment 2889 Kb

PUBLIC NOTICE: Proposed State Route 18 Walkway Project


Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker and Bath Township propose to install a new pedestrian walkway/bicycle path along the northern side of SR 18 (Medina Road) in the highly commercial Montrose area in Bath Township.  The paved path will be constructed between the Holiday Inn east of I-77 northbound entrance ramp to the Taco Bell property at the Cleveland-Massillon Road intersection.  The proposed path will connect to existing sidewalks on the north and south sides of SR 18 (West Market Street) east of the Cleveland-Massillon Road intersection.  Construction is expected to be performed within existing right-of-way. The project is expected to occur in begin in Summer 2019.


2017 Annual Report


Click below to view the 2017 Annual Report. 

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (2017 Annual Report Final.pdf)2017 Annual Report Final.pdf 12192 Kb

$5 Permissive License Fee Presentation


Click below for the presentation for the January 22 and January 29 public hearings. 

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Download this file (Public Hearing Presenation.pdf)Public Hearing Presenation.pdf 2364 Kb

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