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Hudson High School wins 16th Annual MBBC


Akron, Ohio– Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S., Summit County Engineer, hosted the 16th Annual Miniature Bridge Building Competition on February 26, 2016 in the Student Union at the University of Akron. Thirty-nine teams from 21 area high schools built miniature bridges of their own designs, made out of balsa wood and according to strict guidelines. The sole team from Hudson High School came in first place by constructing a bridge that held 58.4 pounds.  Springfield High School Team 2 claimed the second spot and Springfield High School Team 1 came in 3rd place. Portage Lakes Career Center Team 1 won the Aesthetics Award and Cuyahoga Falls Team 1 was runner up with their model of the Hall of Fame Bridge. 

The competition is designed to encourage high school students to implement scientific and mathematical principles they have learned in the classroom.  Along with Engineer Alan Brubaker, sixteen engineering consulting firms co-sponsor the annual event and offer scholarship opportunities for competition participants who choose a career in civil engineering.  AECOM/URS, Inc, Arcadis, Burgess & Niple, CT Consultants, DLZ, E.L. Robinson, Environmental Design Group, Euthenics, Jones-Stuckey Ltd./Pennoni Associates, ljb, inc, Mannik Smith Group, Inc, Michael Baker Jr., Inc., ms consultants, Osborn Engineering, Richland Engineering, and Thrasher Engineering were the participating consulting firms this year. Representatives from all sixteen firms were on board with displays, handouts and words of encouragement to help bridge the gap from applied bridge design to a real life professional career in the field. College students majoring in civil engineering at The University of Akron and professional engineers from the Summit County Engineer’s Office were also busy circulating among the students to cheer them on while teams competed to build the winning bridge.

After about three hours of construction, the bridges were brought up on stage to be load tested until their ultimate demise. Bridge after bridge broke under the increased weight hanging from the center of the bridges. The winning team members from Hudson High School are Andrew McDonald, Michael Lang, and Brian Glen. They were rewarded with a trophy and cash prizes for their impressive efforts. Second place winners from Springfield High School are Andrew Wilmot, Jonathan Michaels, and Gerald Lanik.  Aesthetics Award winners from Portage Lakes Career Center are Nathan Walent, Chai Lin, and Alissa Sarver.


MBBC Scholarship Information


Click the links below for MBBC scholarship information.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (MBBC Scholarship Application 04.08.2011.doc)MBBC Scholarship Application 04.08.2011.doc 85 Kb
Download this file (MBBC Scholarship Criteria.doc)MBBC Scholarship Criteria.doc 76 Kb

Competition Checklist



(For day of Competition)

o   Balsa wood kit-provided by the Summit County Engineer's Office

o   Glue (Non-foaming)

o   Matchbook or Hotwheels type test car

o   Protective eyewear

o   Pre-approved construction plan/sketch

o   Tools for fabrication and assembly

o   Rules Compliance

o   Materials must be from supplied wood kits

o   Bridge must be constructed on-site by student team

o   Advisors may not assist with construction or assembly of bridge

o   Only registered team members may be at the building tables during construction

o   All construction must be completed during 3-hour time period

o   Bridges must use two inch wide roadbed supplied with kit

o   Matchbook or Hotwheels toy car must pass completely across the bridge

o   The bridge may not be coated with paint, tape, stain, varnish or adhesive

o   Excess glue must be removed

o   Comply with layering, laminating and blocking (spacer block) rules

o   Prototype bridges are not permitted on-site

o   Make sure you are able to load a 2’ round load plate with a ¼’ diameter eyebolt to be inserted through the mid-point of the bridge


What makes a bridge look good?


See the attached document about bridge aesthetics

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Download this file (Bridge Aesthetics.pdf)Bridge Aesthetics.pdf 96 Kb

2016 MBBC Rules


Click below for a PDF of the rules for 2016.

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Download this file (MBBC New Rules 2016.pdf)MBBC New Rules 2016.pdf 241 Kb

2016 MBBC Agenda



February 26, 2016


7:00 – 7: 45 am            Setup for Engineer’s Office

7:45 – 8:20 am             Registration and Continental Breakfast

                                    Handout Sponsor Trivia Contest Sheets to Students

(Students may use this time to collect trivia answers from sponsors)

8:20 – 8:30 am            Opening Remarks – Alan Brubaker, Summit County Engineer

                                    Review of Competition                                    

8:30 – 9:30 am            Teams begin Bridge Building

9:30 - 9:40 am              Mandatory Break

9:40 – 10:00 am           Teacher/Advisor Session

9:40-10:40 am              Teams resume bridge building

10:40 – 10:50 am         Mandatory Break

10:50 – 11:50 am         Teams complete Bridge Building

11:50 – 12:45 pm        Lunch

                                    Introduction of Sponsors, U of A Staff and Judges

                                    Aesthetics Award Presentation

                                    Collect Sponsor Trivia Contest Answers at Sponsor Display

Important! All students must complete the Sponsor Trivia Contest prior to bridge testing

12:45 – 2:15 pm           Bridge Loading and Testing

                                    Post Failure Examination Table for Bridge Failure Analysis

2:15 – 2:45 pm             Bridge Building Award Presentations &

                                    Trivia Contest Awards

                                    Closing Remarks

2:45 – 3:00 pm             Clean-Up and Pack-Up


In case of a snow emergency, the competition will only be cancelled if the University of Akron is closed for the day. If the University is closed the competition will then be rescheduled for a later date. The snow closure number is 330-972-7669. 


2015 Traffic Access Management Manual


Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, PE, PS, is proud to announce the debut the of Summit County's first Traffic Access Management Manual (TAMM). On August 4, 2015, Summit County Council authorized Resolution 2015-234, formally adopting the TAMM. This is a manual of regulations for the management of access (i.e.) driveways onto county and township roads in the unincorporated areas of the county. A committee of transportation professionals and elected officials reviewed and edited the manual over the past several months to incorporate current, best engineering practices to the TAMM. In addition, the Summit County Engineer's Office held three public meetings around the county to get input from township officials, technical staff, local advocacy groups, local residents, and business owners. Summit County Council also held two public hearings before enacting the manual. 

State and national studies have shown a direct correlation between traffic crashes and the number of driveways along a corridor, which is why the county developed the TAMM. The TAMM provides a better plan for the utilization of our roads to ensure they will be safe and efficient for years to come. The manual includes best practices for design and safety, based on successful models from across the country and Ohio, and is tailored to fit the unique characteristics of Summit County. 

You can find a copy of the adopted TAMM below. 

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Download this file (Final_Summit_County_Engineer_Access_Management_Manual.pdf)Final_Summit_County_Engineer_Access_Management_Manual.pdfFinal Summit County Engineer Access Management Manual19450 Kb

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