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Updated: 2017 Pavement Maintenance Work


Please find the upcoming County projects in your area below:

405 (Motor Paving)

405 Resurfacing Projects:

  • Cottage Grove Road from Jarvis to Killian
  • Granger Road from Medina Line Road to Crystal Lake Road
  • Highland Road from Cuyahoga County line to Boyden Road
  • Portage Line Road from Sanitarium Road to Tisen Road

405 resurfacing is also known as Motor Paving. The contractor uses a stationary plant on-site to prepare the asphalt mixture, places it on the roadway, and compacts the mixture with a roller. 422 is then placed on top of the 405.

405 is less expensive than hot mix asphalt and is used in conjunction with 422 when the roadway crown or edges need to be re-established. A further advantage is that 405 is more flexible than hot mix asphalt and can resist small movements in the road base that would crack hot mix asphalt.

422 (Chip Seal)

422 Resurfacing Projects:

  • Myersville Road from Green Corporate line to Killian Road
  • Minor Road from SR 21 to Medina Line Road
  • Boston Mills Road from Village of Richfield line to Black Road
  • Black Road from Boston Mills Road to Columbia Road

422 resurfacing is also known as a chip seal.

The contractor places an asphalt emulsion on the roadway, spreads gravel on top of the emulsion, compacts the stone into the emulsion with a roller, and then sweeps the excess gravel from the road the same day. Sweeps are repeated about a week later to ensure loose gravel is completely removed from the roadway.

422 is less expensive than hot mix asphalt, seals existing cracks, and prevents water from causing cracks and potholes in the pavement, and increases tire traction.

Hot Mix Asphalt Summit County Regional Resurfacing Program

  • Everett Road from Cleveland Massillon Road to Revere Road
  • Old Mill Road from SR 91 to 4000 feet east of SR 91
  • Cormany Road from Robinson Avenue to SR 93
  • Hametown Road from Ridgewood Road to SR 18
  • Summit Road from Cleveland Massillon Road to Jacoby Road
  • Warner Road from La Force to Arlington Road
  • Robinson Avenue from State Street to SR 93
  • Killian Road from South Main Street to Arlington Road (OPWC funded project)

448 resurfacing is also known as Hot Mix Asphalt.  The asphalt is prepared in an asphalt plant, transported to the site in heated trucks, placed on the roadway in the desired thickness, and then compacted with a roller.  448 is the most durable (and most expensive) asphalt pavement and resists rutting and can handle heavier traffic loads more than 405 and 422 resurfacing.  It is used in locations that have heavy traffic and a high percentage of truck traffic.

Asphalt Rejuvenating – Summit County Regional Program

—  Olde 8 from SR 82 to SR 8

—  Brandywine Road from Highland Road to SR 82

—  Sourek Road from Sourek Extension to Revere Road

—  Portage Lakes Drive from Cormany Road to South Turkeyfoot Road

—  Cormany Road from Portage Lakes Drive to Robinson Avenue

—  Mayfair Road from Green Corporate line to SR 241

An asphalt rejuvenating agent is applied to hot mix asphalt pavement that was placed one or two years ago.  The agent restores flexibility and water resilience that the asphalt surface lost due to weathering and the passage of time.  Forty-five minutes after the rejuvenating agent is applied, sand is placed over the agent to absorb excess agent and provide enhanced vehicle traction.  One week later, the excess sand will be swept from the road surface.

Asphalt Crack Sealing Program-Summit County Regional Program

County roads to be crack sealed:

—  Bath Road from Cleveland Massillon Road to 3426 Bath Road

—  Bath Road from 3196 Bath Road to Revere Road

—  Crystal Lake Road from Idealbrook Road to Granger Road

—  Sanitarium Road from Canton Road to Portage Line Road

—  South Main Street from Lakota Drive to 30 feet north of Elora Drive

—  State Mill Road from SR 93 to Portage Lakes Drive

—  Summit Road from Norton Corporate line to Jacoby Road

Crack Sealing is used to close small cracks in hot mix asphalt roads.  This prevents water from entering the pavement and causing potholes or damaging the road base.

Pavement Marking Program- Summit County Regional Program

County Roads – Approximately 116 miles of County roads will have new pavement markings applied.

The Pavement Marking Program involves applying new centerline, edge lines, and special markings to roads as required.  

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