Heritage Corridors of Bath Scenic Byway


Historic Points of Interest:

  1. Hale Farm and Village
  2. Ira Cemetery
  3. East Bath Cemetery
  4. Dustin Johnson House
  5. Whitcraft Store
  6. Historic Bath Town Hall
  7. Bath Center Cemetery
  8. Veterans Memorial
  9. Bath United Church of Christ
  10. The Octagon Bee House
  11. Thomas Pierson House
  12. Yellow Creek Antiques
  13. The Ghent Woolen Mill
  14. Yellow Creek Grist and Flour Mill
  15. Stoney Hill School
  16. Moore's Chapel Cemetery

The Heritage Corridors of Bath Scenic Byway was established to preserve and enhance the historic and scenic rural character of the community. The byway connects the 19th century hamlets of Ghent, Bath Center, Hammond's Corners and historic Hale Farm and Village with the Stony Hill School House, the Bath Nature Preserve, and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It lies in proximity to the Ohio and Erie Canal. Early Bath homes, barns, cemeteries and mills line the byway as it winds through areas of scenic and natural beauty.

The vision of the Heritage Corridors of Bath Scenic Byway is to protect for future generations the scenic and rural views that have come to characterize Bath Township. By also promoting and preserving the unique heritage as part of the Western Reserve, an enriching and pleasurable experience is provided for those who travel the byway.

The Heritage Corridors of Bath Master Plan is available through Bath Township.


Roadways that are part of the Heritage Corridors of Bath Scenic Byway include:

  • Cleveland-Massillon Road
  • Wye Road
  • Yellow Creek Road
  • Granger Road
  • Bath Road
  • Shade Road
  • Ira Road
  • Revere Road
  • Martin Road
  • Oak Hill Road
  • Hametown Road
  • Medina Line Road

The Summit County Engineer's Office continues to support the Implementation Committee of the Heritage Corridors of Bath Scenic Byway as they continue implementation of this scenic byway. Some projects have been completed and other projects are being planned to preserve and to interpret the unique heritage of the hamlets of Ghent, Bath Center and Hammond's Corners.