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Summit County Communities for Clean Stormwater

Public Involvement and Public Education (PIPE) Tasks

Environmental Education (January - December 2005):

Summit SWCD was able to service both the community at large as well as specific groups with informal environmental education, reaching almost 700 residents. Summit SWCD was represented at the Annual Earth Science Fair on October 9, 2005 (100 people) and the Summit County Engineer Township Dinner Meeting and Project Fair on May 3, 2005 (200 people). Displays, models, demonstrations, and brochures were utilitzed to communicate important storm water messages. Groups that requested storm water related presentations included Wyoga Lake Homeowners Assoc. (50 people), Legacy School (20 students), Litchfield Middle School (100 students), Pregnancy Care Center of Akron (70 people), Silver Lake Garden Club (40 people), the Optimist Club of Akron (7 people), and a builders association (100 people).

PIPE Subcommittee Updates:

The PIPE committee has formed many subcommittees to address the development and implementation of specific BMPs. More than 15 sub-committees were formed to address the implementation of public education and public involvement BMPs (Control Measures 1 and 2). The subcommittees make recommendations to the group at the monthly meetings. Through the PIPE group, a full fledged "Storm Drain Marking Program" has been established. Last year, SWCD trained for storm drain marking events that were held in the Wyoga Lake Community (Stow and Cuyahoga Falls), the Village of Silver Lake, and Twinsburg.

Scout Patch Program Criteria:

The Co-Permittees developed a Phase II storm water patch and criteria for local scout troops. Local scout troops now have a guidebook that describes storm water activities and criteria each troop can complete to obtain the new Phase II storm water patch. The program provides many activities specifically designed to educate children and young adults on issues related to storm water. The program criteria are available above. Please feel free to download the criteria and contact the Co-Permittee contact (see above) in your area if you have any questions or if you need to obtain any patches for your scouts. Watershed Maps: Watershed maps are available in pdf format - please contact our G.I.S. or Stormwater section.