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Boston Township Stormwater Drainage Project Status


April 12, 2010

Whaley Road Drainage at Akron-Cleveland Road “Old 8” (Boston Township)

Whaley Road, near its intersection with Akron-Cleveland Road is experiencing flooding over the pavement during heavy rainfalls due to the poor condition of a drainage way that passes through private properties on its way to Akron-Cleveland Road. The County Engineer has investigated this problem at the request of the township and has determined that either the property owners need to improve the drainage across their properties or the drainage way needs to be reconstructed along a new route along Whaley Road and Akron-Cleveland Road. This office will soon complete estimates of costs for the various options and compile them in a report for the township’s use in negotiating with the property owners to perform the work needed to relieve the problem of flooding of the township road. Should the township’s negotiations with the property owners fail to result in relief of the flooding the township may wish to pursue implementation of an improvement utilizing the ditch petition procedure wherein the construction and maintenance costs are assessed based upon the benefits and the County assumes the responsibility for its construction and maintenance.

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