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Coventry Township Stormwater Drainage Project Status


April 16, 2010

Cottage Grove Area Detention & Cosmos/Buttercup/Killian Drainage Improvements (Coventry Township)

Stormwater drainage within the residential developments in the vicinity of Cottage Grove Road south of Killian Road in Coventry Township has been of concern to the township for several years. The roadside ditches along many of the roads in the area were enclosed by pipes many years ago reducing their capacity to carry stormwater flows. The age and poor condition of the pipes is also contributing to increased problems of yard flooding and we are now experiencing periodic flooding of the eastbound lane of Killian Road due to the condition of the drain pipes in Cosmos Road. Preliminary analysis indicates that the installation of a properly sized roadside drainage system within the developments may cause flooding of properties farther downstream unless either the downstream facilities are also improved or a new stormwater management basin is constructed. Additional analysis will be needed to determine the most effective and efficient option. The township has suggested the possibility of installing a stormwater management facility upon a portion of the land in the township’s park. Roadway funds may be used for the improvement of the roadway drainage system within the road right-of-way. A new stormwater management basin may also be eligible for construction with roadway funds provided that it is determined to be a reasonable alternative to reconstructing a portion of the roadway drainage system. The County Engineer will continue to work with the township to study the flooding problems in this area. Should it be found that components of needed improvements involve drainage across private property it may be appropriate for the township to consider implementation of those components of the improvement as a public project by initiating the ditch petition process since roadway funds cannot be used to improve drainage ways that pass through private property.

Brewster Creek (Coventry Township)

Brewster Creek is one of the many drainage courses that were established as County Ditches prior to the time when the law provided for continuing maintenance by the County; therefore, even though an easement exists for the location of this creek, the maintenance responsibilities for this creek remains with the property owners upon whose land the creek runs. Due to lack of maintenance the flow of water through this drainage way is severely restricted causing water to back up into the roadway drainage systems in the area causing lot and structure flooding. The general nature of a drainage way such as Brewster Creek, flowing through multiple properties, makes for a difficult maintenance situation in that all property owners along its course would need to band together to do the work needed to keep the water flowing properly. While the property owners are responsible for the maintenance of this ditch through their properties, they have failed to do so and it is unlikely that all property owners will agree to perform the improvements required to solve the flooding problem. Implementation of this improvement as a public project will require that the ditch petition process be initiated by the township or by an affected property owner or owners.

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