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Northfield Center Stormwater Drainage Project Township Status


April 16, 2010


Schoepf Drive Culvert and Embankment Stabilization Project (Northfield Center Township)

This project is intended to address erosion at the outlet to a Northfield Center Township culvert.  This work is necessary to keep the roadway embankment from sliding and undermining the roadway pavement. This problem is caused in part by the original design of the roadway embankment. The embankment slope is steep and extends beyond the right-of-way. Current standards would provide a flatter more stable slope with culvert pipes that exit the embankment at the bottom of the slope. This project will stabilize the embankment slope by correcting erosion occurring at the culver pipe outlet. Additional right-of-way will be acquired to encompass the area occupied by the roadway embankment. The roadway embankment is a component of the roadway, therefore this work is an appropriate use of the township’s roadway funds.


Northfield Estates Drainage (Northfield Center Township)

Northfield Estates is a subdivision that was constructed and platted prior to the County regulations requiring property owner assessments for maintenance of stormwater facilities. Stormwater from the street drainage system leaves the road right-of-way where it flows from one street to the next in pipes along side and rear property lines. In response to a request for maintenance of one of the side yard pipes, the Township contacted this office to identify a location for a pipe easement along a side property line. Most of the pipes are located within easements; however there is no easement for the pipe in question. The off-roadway storm pipes remain the maintenance responsibility of the individual property owners even though the plat shows easements for their location. The township should inform the property owners that the maintenance of drainage systems located on their property is the responsibility of the property owner. Should drainage problems occur that the property owners do not wish to address individually the property owners or the township may wish to initiate an improvement as a public project by utilizing the ditch petition process wherein the cost of the improvement and the perpetual maintenance thereof would be assessed to the property owners based upon the benefit conferred.

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