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Sagamore Hills Stormwater Drainage Project Township Status


April 16, 2010

Salzer/Brandywine Sink Holes

A resident on Brandywine Road has requested the assistance of the township regarding sink holes that have developed above a storm drain pipe on his/her property. Sink holes above a pipe is an indication that pipe joints have failed allowing soil above the pipe to enter the pipe. The pipe joints should be repaired or the pipe replaced to prevent the eventual failure of the drainage system. Sagamore Hills Township concurs with our position.  No further action is necessary of us.  If the resident chooses to petition for this work, that is their option.  The property owners are responsible for the maintenance of off-roadway storm drains. Implementation of this improvement as a public project will require that the ditch petition process be initiated by the township or by an affected property owner or owners.

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