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Twinsburg Township Stormwater Drainage Project Status


April 16, 2010

Marwell Estates Stormwater Improvement Project

Flooding of yards and drives along the south side of Marwell Drive and the flooding of the structure at the southwest corner of the intersection of Marwell Drive and Twinsburg Road has been a continuing problem. The Township Trustees requested that the County Engineer review this problem and provide them with a plan of action. A preliminary analysis of the problem indicates that the inadequacy of the road drainage system seems to be the cause of flooding in this area. Because ODOT will not permit their State Route 91 cross pipe to be increased to adequately permit a sufficient amount of water to flow along and under SR 91 and it may be necessary to install a retention basin to hold back the stormwater to alleviate the flooding problem. The completion of the study will provide more information so a final decision can be made, but currently it appears that this project should be eligible for the use of roadway funds because it is an alternative to installing the size of structures along and under the roadway that are needed to allow the stormwater to pass through and along the roadway without causing property flooding. 

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