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2015 Traffic Access Management Manual


Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, PE, PS, is proud to announce the debut the of Summit County's first Traffic Access Management Manual (TAMM). On August 4, 2015, Summit County Council authorized Resolution 2015-234, formally adopting the TAMM. This is a manual of regulations for the management of access (i.e.) driveways onto county and township roads in the unincorporated areas of the county. A committee of transportation professionals and elected officials reviewed and edited the manual over the past several months to incorporate current, best engineering practices to the TAMM. In addition, the Summit County Engineer's Office held three public meetings around the county to get input from township officials, technical staff, local advocacy groups, local residents, and business owners. Summit County Council also held two public hearings before enacting the manual. 

State and national studies have shown a direct correlation between traffic crashes and the number of driveways along a corridor, which is why the county developed the TAMM. The TAMM provides a better plan for the utilization of our roads to ensure they will be safe and efficient for years to come. The manual includes best practices for design and safety, based on successful models from across the country and Ohio, and is tailored to fit the unique characteristics of Summit County. 

You can find a copy of the adopted TAMM below. 

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Download this file (Final_Summit_County_Engineer_Access_Management_Manual.pdf)Final_Summit_County_Engineer_Access_Management_Manual.pdfFinal Summit County Engineer Access Management Manual19450 Kb
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